Dumb money-saving tips

Every Web site you turn to, including this one, has lists of ways to save money during the recession. Some are great and some are OK, and a few should have been left off the list.

Here's a partial list of some of the dumbest money-saving tips found on the Internet and compiled by the Times of London. One of them was even by one of WalletPop's writers.

1. Re-use sandwich bags without washing them. At pennies for a bag, this seems like a waste of time. And even if you do wash them, that's more hassle than it's worth.

2. Buy and re-use old calendars, a WalletPop budget tip. Sure the dates from 1942 will match with 2009, but will the "Buy War Bonds today" note on March 2 of the 1942 calendar make it a deal when you have to use whiteout to get rid of all the notes?

3. The Christmas Lottery, No. 37. The Secret Santa draw for one gift sounds like a good idea, unless you're 5.

4. Don't wash clothes after one or two wears. Might work at home, but not at work or socially.

5. Stop using toilet paper. A handheld portable bidet is the alternative. Why? Spend the money on TP.

6. Cut your own hair. If you can cut your own hair in the mirror, more power to you. But if you can't, then spending $10 at a hair school is probably a better bet.

7. Brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda and salt. It has to taste lousy, and there' s no fluoride or breath freshener. Hit up your dentist for a few free samples.

8. Make your own clothes. Sure, if you have a sewing machine, or want to pay $100 for one, or can use a needle and thread without puncturing your heart. But when Old Navy or many other clothing stores have sales of shirts for $10 each, it's a lot easier and probably cheaper to buy.
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