Vacation at Agatha Christie's summer home


Mystery fans take notice: Your next vacation could be at Agatha Christie's country estate. For as little as $3,000 per week, you'll be able to vacation at the home she purchased in 1938, surrounded by her personal effects, including Ms. Christie's piano.

The Shropshire Starreports that "There are no ropes or barriers; it is almost as if the family popped out and forgot to lock the door all those years ago. For the National Trust has returned Greenway to its 1950s heyday, and the result is as though time has stood still."

The USA Todayadds that "Although Christie did not write novels here, it and its gardens are the setting for three of her books, including Dead Man's Folly."

Not such a bad deal, $3,000 per week for a five bedroom getaway. Round up four of your closest mystery lovers and it works out to around $85 per night per person: less than a stay at a Holiday Inn, and infinitely more memorable.

And this isn't the only piece of Agatha Christie news making the rounds. University of Toronto researchers claim to have found evidence of Alzheimer's in Christie's later works. But you be the judge. All of her works make great vacation reading.