How you can change the world with social media

Josh Smith

Raising money for causes or friends in need is nothing new. This basic idea has existed practically forever in the offline world, with fundraising drives, bowl-a-thons and charity dinners. But with the rise of social networks, our "friend-base" has grown from our co-workers and neighbors to an almost endless supply of potential donors that can be rallied toward a common goal.

Not only can I influence the friends I have, but with a worthy cause and a clear goal, I can engage the people they know and the people they know until finally Kevin Bacon is helping my favorite charity.

Organic campaigns to help people spring up on Twitter and Facebook all the time, with individuals rallying around the friend of a friend who needs to make a mortgage payment and campaigns to raise money for a well known charity like Charity:Water. Many of these campaigns come and go in the matter of a few days, but several stand out as examples of how to most effectively utilize social media to champion a cause people are most passionate about.

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