You must remember this: Keep your computer alive longer with cheap memory

There is at least one benefit to this recession: We may have less money, but frequently, things are cheaper.

That's the thinking behind a new Time magazine series called "Recession Shopping," which highlights 10 items we should all be considering buying, and I stopped short when I saw . All I could think was, "So that's why it was so cheap."

Last fall, I bought a new computer at Best Buy for a pretty amazing price ($500), given that it included the monitor and printer. But soon I found out that I got what I paid for.

The computer was lightning-fast in the first month of use, but by December, I found myself almost missing my 7-year-old PC that I had replaced. And then I bought 2 gigabytes of memory at a new-to-me web site called 4 All Memory. The price was so cheap that I was a little suspicious.

But not when my computer started working beautifully again. Months later, it still works beautifully -- and I kept thinking, "Boy, I should write about 4 All Memory for WalletPop."

I didn't, until now, but at least now I know why memory is so cheap. As the Time article states, "There was a massive oversupply of computer chips from Samsung, Micron and others on the market even before the recession hit." Now that the demand for computers is down, memory prices are plunging.

The piece quotes the CEO of saying, "It's almost charity. We're at lows we've never seen before."

Indeed. My wife's computer is aging and was slowing down dramatically as well, and I wasn't looking forward to us buying a new one, but we immediately bought more memory from our new favorite online memory computer store and have probably added a couple more years of life to it. And, of course, now I'm wondering if I might have extended the life of my last computer if I had bought cheap memory for it.

All of that said, I'd happily trade cheap computer memory if we could make the recession a memory.
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