Shop easy: More companies offering peace of mind to layoff-wary consumers


Buying peace of mind is getting easier by the day for shoppers afraid of losing their jobs.

With more people saving money and not spending as much as they used to because they fear losing their jobs, more American businesses are offering guaranteed financial help in the event of a job loss, according to a New York Times story.

WalletPop has reported extensively on this marketing method, which companies admit doesn't cost them much because not many people take advantage of it. It's also a great way to attract long-term customer loyalty. And the positive PR doesn't hurt either.

From Hyundai offering to buy back your car if you lose your job, to cell phone companies willing to pay for part of your service during unemployment, to Walgreens offering health care for the newly unemployed, plenty of companies are offering help in an economy where the national unemployment rate is 8.5%.