Rudder gives direction to your finances


How confident would you feel in your finances if you could click one button and see what your bank statement would look like for the next month taking into account all of your bills paychecks and credit card payments? It sounds pretty good, almost too good; but that's exactly what you can do with

Rudder is a new financial tool that focuses on what is going to happen to your money rather than analyzing what you have done with it in the past. This pro-active look at your finances lets you know what you can do with your money to affect your financial situation right now. Best of all, it's one of the lowest maintenance personal finance tools I've ever used; you don't even have to log in to rudder, they will email you a snapshot of your dashboard every morning.

If that's too often, you can choose to get the emails on whichever days you want. Choosing your email frequency is just the beginning of the Rudder customization options. While there are plenty of tools, or widgets as they are known in Rudder, you can choose which ones make sense for you. By adding or removing widgets from your dashboard you'll also change what your daily email update looks like, so if you only care about the "Bills" and "What's Left" widgets you won't be bothered by the "Spend Meter" or any other feature that Rudder rolls out in the future.

Enough with the introductions, let's check Rudder out!