A lesson from Seattle: Cat toys can save money


There's a great item

in the Seattle Times, where council members have found a way to save on laser pointers.

The council had been using them during meetings. They'd use the laser pointer when pointing at a PowerPoint screen, but the pointers cost around $30 at an office-supply store, and it didn't help that people were easily losing them.

So somebody pointed out that there are laser light toys for cat owners -- you point the laser, and the cat plays with the beam of light. And, as it turns out, you can get those at a pet store for around $5.

And so Seattle's City Council is now saving money by buying cat toys instead of the expensive laser pointers. I applaud that and wanted to spread the word of their frugality. As one council member was quoted, they're trying to be cost-conscious and "think outside the box." Or in this case, outside the litter box.

But I do wonder: How did we get along before laser pointers? Couldn't everyone have saved a whole lot more money from the very beginning by just pointing to things on the screen with -- well, I don't know -- maybe our finger? You know, the one we call the pointer finger?

Just a thought.