Yankees sod available at Home Depot for $1.25 per square foot

With the new Yankee Stadium now open for business, DeLea Sod Farms has got some leftover sod and have they got a deal for you.

The company secured permission from Major League Baseball and the Yankees to form a company called Stadium Associates that will market the leftover sod at a price of $1.50 per square foot at 25 Home Depot locations in the Tri-State area. You can also buy a three-ounce bag of Yankees grass seed for $14.95.

Darrell Rovell adds that he was "told that it's not just any old sod. It's a proprietary Kentucky Bluegrass blend. It's designed to take a beating, but it also requires much greater care."

It better be pretty spectacular. CostHelper.com reports that the going rate for sod 8-30 cents per square foot, meaning that Yankee sod will cost you at least five times as much as regular sod. And what exactly makes it Yankee sod? It's leftover! It's like saying that the pulp that stayed in the blender after Jennifer Lopez bought a smoothie at GNC is "Jennifer Lopez Pulp!"

In any case, the sod seems likely to be a big hit among naive Yankee fans who missed out on the chance to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

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