Need a job? Bribe your friends


It's an age-old tradition. If you need to find a job, you talk to your friends. You get the word out.

But some people feel the need to sweeten the deal: a prize. Or if you want to look at the world with the "glass if half full " viewpoint: a bribe.

Recently, one of my high school friends told me how he has been offering a prize to his friends and family (and anyone) who can find his wife a job in the Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio, area. Roger Loesch, 38, works for the Air Force but so they can fully support themselves and their two young kids, his wife needs a paralegal position, something she hasn't been able to find since they moved from Arizona.

And so he is holding, as he puts it, "a contest" to see who can find his wife, Amber, a full-time job as a paralegal. (If you have any leads, let me know in comments below or contact me). The winner receives a gift certificate to the Olive Garden or Red Lobster and two movie tickets.