Media World: Can toddlers and iPhones play nice together?


After letting his two young children play with and watch movies on his Apple (AAPL) iPhone, Arizona game developer Justin John Sullivan wondered if he could provide them more educational fare. Thus, the first applications or apps for what Sullivan calls the "toddler distraction edutainment" market were born.

The premise behind these apps is simple: keeping inquisitive and easily bored toddlers occupied while Mommy and Daddy have to do grown-up stuff like wait in line at the bank or take a shower. Young children like navigating through the phone's icons. My two-year-old has figured out how to play YouTube clips on my phone. Grown-ups need to be distracted as well, which explains why the Wall Street Journal recently released an iPhone App that, unlike its website, has all free content. (Update: DailyFinance released it's own iPhone App on April 20).