Grocey Sale Shopper site doesn't save much time in finding grocery deals


As someone who goes to the grocery store about three times a week, I can see the advantage of going to a Web site and seeing what deals are available before going to the store. I'm less likely to spend money on impulse purchases if I have a shopping list and know before I walk in what's on sale and what specials the store is having that day.

A new Web site, Grocery Sale Shopper, claims to be a unique Web site that shoppers can check before heading out to do their shopping, by showing users what deals are available in their area. Spend a few minutes on the Web site before going shopping, it claims, and the savings will quickly add up.

A problem of the site, however, is that it doesn't do much of what the Internet is supposed to do -- gather information and put it at your fingertips. Instead of having a search engine, or even a list comparing prices at stores in your neighborhood, for example, it just has links to the grocery stores in your area.