Five Eco-Friendly films coming to an Internet near you this Earth Day

Certainly in our Hulu age, the most eco-friendly way of watching a film in online. Forgo the DVD packaging, or even the Netflix envelopes. What better way to celebrate Earth Day then to stream five environmentally-conscious films right onto your computer. Cinetic Rights Management is premiering online five eco-friendly films, some available for a small fee on iTunes and Amazon, with the remainder available for free on popular streaming sites.

The five films will premiere over the next few days, leading up to Earth Day on April 22. Do yourself a favor and learn something new this Earth Day.

Blind Spot

Are you looking for a documentary that explains our current energy crisis and the way our economy is run? Look no further than Blind Spot, a film which displays our dual winding paths: between burning fossil fuels, or changing our way of life. Leave it to the scientists take us through this crossroads.

Blind Spot
will be available on SnagFilms, Dailymotion and Joost.

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home

Do you know where your trash has been? Garbage! takes a look at the average household's garbage collection over a period of three months, and then goes on a journey to find out where it ends up and how it impacts the world.

Garbage! will be available on Amazon VOD.

Greasy Rider

Two dudes, one fry-oil-powered 1981 Mercedes-Benz, and a cross-country road trip envisioning a greener future. Features interviews with Features Morgan Freeman, Noam Chomsky, and Yoko Ono.

Greasy Rider will be available on Hulu and SnagFilms -- and you can watch it now!

The Green Chain

The Green Chain manages to take a deep conflict, that between loggers and environmentalists in Canada and around the world, and present a humorous, thought-provoking film, revealing the personalities behind both sides of the situation who will stop at nothing to defend their love of trees.

The Green Chain will be available on Dailymotion, Hulu and YouTube.

The Unforseen

What happens when a developer's suburban grand scheme butts heads with a local community's desire to protect their pristine country side in Austin, Texas? The Unforeseen, produced by Robert Redford, projects the daily struggle between development and preservation that is taking over America.

The Unforeseen will be available on iTunes, and Amazon VOD.
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