Vitamin Water 10 now with 25 calories

Vitamin Water 10 nutririon label
Vitamin Water 10 nutririon label

Popular water replacement Vitamin Water got healthier recently with the introduction of Vitamin Water 10, a new low calorie drink which pitches itself as a great source to get your vitamins with fewer calories. The only problem with this claim is that a bottle of Vitamin Water 10 comes packed with 25 calories, not 10 calories.

That's right.

Despite being sued for misleading consumers once this year Glaceau is branding its 25-calorie drink as Vitamin Water 10, opting to come clean on the nutrition label by breaking a bottle into 2.5 servings. Thankfully you won't have to do the math to figure out what the vitamin content is since; it's plainly listed in both per serving and per bottle increments. The drink's whitepaper (pdf) -- yes it has a whitepaper -- even refers to calories by serving but vitamins by bottle further muddling the true caloric content.