Mom, dad, and mom's new hubby share house for recession


Cash-strapped people can end up in pretty strange living situations but this is one I hadn't heard of: Mom, dad, kids and mom's news husband all living together under one roof.

On Monday, The Today Show profiled one household that seems to be functioning quite well in just that situation. When his ex-wife and her new husband fell on financial problems, one good-natured man invited them both in with him. He saw it as a way to help them out and see more of his daughters.

One expert told the show that "Ultimately it's not healthy at all. It presents all kinds of problems for the kids. . . There are a litany of problems associated with this."

I'm no expert on this but I respectfully disagree. I think this is a wonderful way to teach kids that it's good to lend a helping hand to people in need, regardless of your past differences -- and that it's possible to work together to accomplish something that's good for both parties with good faith negotiation and hard work.

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