How many times should consumers pay the banks?

This story will come as no surprise to many WalletPop readers. Banks are raising interest rates across the board and it's upsetting consumers. If you've had some trouble with your finances, you're probably expecting your credit card company to penalize you in some way.

But if you've been paying your bills on time and have a strong credit score, the rising interest rates on credit cards seem unfair. We're talking double digit rate increases for many credit card users. The banks say it's simple: They have too much money at risk and they need to generate some profits. This is a surefire way to do it.

But how many times must consumers bail out the banks? As taxpayers, we're on the hook for the bill for all the bailout madness. It seems like we've already made our involuntary contribution to the banks. Why should we be hit again with rate increases?