Don't throw money out a car window

It may seem like a logical move, but a man in Taiwan didn't understand it: Don't throw money out of a moving car. It could create a mob scene.

A 55-year-old man was arrested for throwing $29,600 in cash out of a moving taxi in a crowded part of Taichung city, causing disorder in the streets, according to a Reuters story.

The man's state of mind wasn't normal, according to police, and he is believed to have thrown more money on an earlier road trip, and of burning more cash and having two more sacks of money at hand. All of the money was apparently the proceeds from a property sale.

The suspect faced charges of public endangerment and destruction of currency, according to police.

Some people who picked up the money turned it over to police, while others pocketed it. That lays out the age-old question of what would you do if someone started throwing wads of cash out of a car? Would you keep it and run or give it to police?

The taxi driver did the most sensible thing, taking him to police. Hopefully the driver collected his fare before turning the suspect over.
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