Dirty Domino's workers found, fired


After some sleuthing by readers of The Consumerist, two Domino's employees who did dirty things with customers' food in the back room and posted their pranks on YouTube, were fired.

The workers who identified themselves as Kristy and Michael, claimed that the food they passed gas on, and the cheese Michael put up his nose, were never served to customers, and that it was all just a prank. Domino's corporate, however, wasn't amused. A Domino's spokesman told Sky News Online that the two had been fired and that police had issued an arrest warrant.

Here's one version of the video:

It's one of those cases where anyone can post a video online, but almost just as quickly, someone else can point out the idiot online and track them down. Readers of The Consumerist found them by tracking their YouTube name and searching for them from there. Domino's was notified and the workers were quickly sacked.

The work in finding the workers was much like people helping to return lost things, such as cameras, by finding the owners online, as the New York Times wrote about recently.

All of this makes the Internet a small world, especially if you post a video of a co-worker putting food up their nose.