Cuba libre: Will Castro embrace open borders?


In what is believed to be the first bilingual announcement ever made in the White House Press Room, the Obama administration unveiled a sweeping change in the United States' relationship with Cuba. Cuban-Americans are now allowed to send unlimited amounts of money to the island, and can travel there whenever they wish. While critics on the left and right claimed that the policy change either went too far, or not far enough, it was clear that this could be the beginning of a new era in Cuban/American relations.

One wild card is Havana. As some analysts have noted, this announcement puts the onus on Cuba to further open relations. In response, Fidel Castro seemed to downplay the significance of the move, noting that the Obama administration has limited some "odious restrictions" upon travel, but has not said a word about the trade embargo that has hamstrung the island nation. In context, the Cuban government's response seemed somewhat dismissive and petty.