Caylee dolls and Michael Vick chew toys: Beyond bad taste


Bad taste, even if it's really bad, usually isn't against the law. But coupling that questionable taste with consumer deception can put a bull's-eye on your back.

Showbiz Promotions of Jacksonville, Fla., already had its critics. You don't win too many fans selling Caylee Anthony dolls or Michael Vick chew toys. But you do get your share of notoriety.

Showbiz and its owner Jaime Salcedo did get a few moments in the spotlight before Florida's attorney general fired at the bull's-eye.

His problems started with his own claims. His web site,, promised speedy delivery of a U.S.-made dog toy with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to local animal shelters. The foreign-made products were delivered after a long wait, if at all, and didn't spur a round of donations anyone seemed to be aware of.

Then, in January, Salcedo started -- selling dolls commemorating the slain Florida girl with the pledge that all the profits would be donated to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.