Detroit Panic hits NYC: Americans voice frustration with auto industry at car show


An auto show is a gathering of car lovers who come together and check out the latest models, debuts, classics, and concept cars from automakers. It's a fun place to meet, stay up to speed on the latest technology, and network with other car lovers. Well, that was before the bailout. The current NYC auto show has turned from a platform for automakers to toot their own horns (no pun intended) to a hostile public grilling from unhappy consumers frustrated at GM and Chrysler's bailout bungling.

Last Friday Chrysler debuted its Dodge Circuit, one of five electric cars it's developing, which in normal times would be news to herald. But as the New York Times reports, after a lovely blond gave her spiel, one man in the crowd started heckling her. Donald Han, an accountant from Queens, berated, "Why now? How come you've got to nearly go bankrupt before you come out with a car like this?" Too bad Mr. Han wasn't at the bailout hearing.