The week's hottest personal finance stories, via Tip'd: April 13 edition


This is a round-up of the most popular finance links from Tip'd, the social media site for finance, in the past week. This week's stories include a list of Tweeters every money nerd should know, how to get a free major in finance using open courseware, and the skinny on the rumored "world currency" (hint: don't get worried yet).

Ten People All Personal Finance Junkies Should Follow on Twitter (27 Tips)

A list of some of the most high profile, prolific and useful twitter users from the personal finance sphere. Are you on the list? Is your favorite bloggers on the list? Also read what people are saying about it.

20 Free Online Finance Courses - Take Money Classes From the Comfort of Your Home (22 Tips)
20 great free online resources to help you learn more about finance. Some courses are even offered by the likes of Yale and MIT, which has sparked some debate. Free is always good!

$100 Billion Down the Drain (Every Year!) (18 Tips) According to a recent study by Dartmouth professor Kenneth French, U.S. investors waste $100 billion each year on attempts to outperform ourselves. What do you say?

What Everyone Ought to Know About the 'World Currency': What Geithner Really Meant, SDRs and More (20 Tips)

The idea of a world monetary union is drawing continued attention on the imaginations - and fears - of world leaders, pundits and ordinary citizens. Here are 20 resources that can help you sort out SDRs, past attempts at a world currency, and more.

The Recession Finally Hits My House (19 Tips)
ConsumerismCommentary reports in that the president of his company always makes every effort to keep great people, even if it means cutting her own salary. He consider himself lucky to have found a place there, not only because he loves his work, but for the atmosphere and common sense of purpose. Do you love your job the same way?

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