The 1040 Bunny: Turn your tax forms into a sexy dress

Britt Savage, singer, ex-Playboy Bunny, gas station attendant, Howard Stern Song Parody winner, $100,000 Star Search Winner, among other things, had a gig with her band on tax day. No fun! How to brighten it up a bit, ho-hum, whaddya gonna do but make a strapless dress out of tax forms? Of course! Just the ticket.

As you would expect from the sort of woman whose résumé looks equally perfect for Celebrity Apprentice, or manager of one of those lingerie-clad espresso shops, Savage made a dressmaker's mannequin out of duct tape (her husband taped her up, then cut her out), and used mostly child and dependent care 1040A tax forms, which she cut into strips and then wove to make the dress's bodice.

It took Savage a month to make the dress, and then she posted it
on Facebook to rave reviews. As she said in an email to AOL, "people started sending it around and I ended up hearing from CNN Headline News, CBS Radio and a guy from an internet tax company who offered me $1,000 for it... It's been a great experience and I love the idea of my dress helping someone in need or just making tax day a little less lame. ha!" (sic)

Ha! indeed. Savage isn't selling it to that guy from the tax company. After she wears it to her gig -- April 15, 8:30 p.m., in Nashville, Tennessee at 12th and Porter -- she'll sell it on eBay with proceeds to go to Heifer, International.

She's not a seamstress, she says, and this is the first dress she's ever made. But also the awesomest!

All we seamstresses are taking notes, because if it worked once, it'll work again, right? I hope so, because I've already promised to make our own Zac Bissonnette a dress out of college financial aid applications to promote his book. Zac, please have someone else wrap you in duct tape.
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