KFC sues over flammable takeout

In an edgy ad for an airline, a man puts a fork in the office microwave during lunchtime, causing a fiery catastrophe. Customers at KFC could want to get away, too, without even daring the well-known no-no: mixing metal and microwaves. When the takeout containers for the fast food chain's popcorn chicken are put in the microwave, they can -- and, in at least two cases, did -- catch fire.

Apparently, the takeout container supplier changed the inks in the packaging to one containing carbon, responsible for the flammability, without notifying KFC.
Now the fried chicken company is suing Paris Packaging, Inc., of Paris, Texas, for around $757,000 to cover the cost of more than 11,000 recalled containers and other unspecified financial damages. KFC recalled the packages in February after a consumer complained of a microwave fire.

Luckily, no one (at least, no one who's come forward) was injured by the flammable chicken cups. And I'm left with one more good reason to avoid fast food restaurants: takeout containers, microwaves, and any meat product named after a snack food. What's next, tortilla chip beef? Doughnut calamari? A bacon ice cream cone? Oh! Oh...
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