Does CNBC need a liberal makeover?


CNBC's Rick Santelli and screamin' Jim Cramer are the AIG and Citi Group of TV pundits du jour. Their famous playground fight with American sweetheart, Daily Show's Jon Stewart, ended with Stewart eviscerating Cramer, as captured by Daily Finance writer Jonathan Berr who live-blogged the uncomfortable episode.

For a Hail Mary PR pass, the business news channel brought on a liberal bigwig to host -- former Democratic party chairman Howard Dean. Is there more liberalizing of CNBC to come? There's a growing movement called Fix CNBC that certainly hopes so. Its 20,000-plus supporters want the Wall Street-catering cable channel to model itself after Keith Olbermann and ask the tough questions, especially since the American people are now shareholders.

I spoke with Fix CNBC's Adam Green who was called a "bozo" on-air by Jim Cramer for writing about Erin Burnett being an "apologist for Wall Street." (The evidence Green presents is quite damning).