Want cheap tickets to Citi Field? Buy Bernie Madoff's!


Not many people would want to be standing in Bernie Madoff's shoes. However, when it comes to baseball, bidders are lining up for the opportunity to sit in his seat. Well, seats, actually -- the renowned Ponzi schemer had two of them, which are currently up for sale on eBay.

In many things, Bernie Madoff was a man who appreciated quality. Whether it was a yacht on the Mediterranean, a chateau in France, or a penthouse on Park Avenue, the disgraced money man believed in treating himself to the best that life had to offer. Even if Bernie's baseball team of choice, the New York Mets, aren't the most popular players in the league (or the division, or even, um, the city), Madoff's season tickets were almost perfect.

Part of the Delta Club Platinum section, they were located in the second row and came with access to the Delta Club, which is situated behind home plate. Madoff's company paid $80,190 for the season tickets, and the pair are worth $590-$1,390 per game, which places them among the priciest seats in the ballpark. Of course, those are only the list prices; depending upon the matchup, the actual sale prices could easily go much higher.