Money Clips!: 55-year old intern, 28-days of saving, most stressful time of the week, more

  • 55-Year Old Intern: Rent shment! Who needs a paycheck when you can learn cutting-edge skills for free, as an intern. Read one woman's story.

  • Save or Spend?: The Motherload's Amy Clark looks back on 28 days of reduced spending. Could you try to live as free as possible for a month?

  • Progressive goes progressive: The ladies at Parlour Magazine pointed out Progressive Auto Insurance's gay-friendly ad. (Yes, it's a big deal, because it's refreshing).

  • Break time!: And the most stressful time of day IS....11:45 am on Tuesday. Great, now can we all agree to take that time off?

  • Rose is a rose?: J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly breaks down the subtle importance of product packaging.