Using Oprah to sell a scam! What's next?

Just when it looked as though scammers couldn't get any lower, the FBI pointed out that yes, indeed, they can. These email banditos have pretended to be from banks, Ebay and even posed as the head of the FBI himself. But now they're using Oprah's good name to try to take your money. For shame.

The FBI issued a warning that the Internet Crime Complaint Center has been collecting complaints about some very bad person(s) sending out emails telling them that they have been nominated for the "Oprah Millionaire Contest Show." They're asked for some limited personal information. That's just the hook.
If you bite, you're then drawn in for a more thorough attack. First, you're asked to buy a plane ticket to Chicago to go to the recording of Oprah's show. Then, a "contest form" is sent asking more detailed personal questions for which the mark is promised a seat at an Oprah show and the chance to win a million dollars.

The only potential millionaires in this one are the identity thieves phishing for your personal information. Try to avoid giving it to them or "Oprah."

If you do get the above-described email, let the FBI know on the IC3's complaint page.

Actually, this isn't the first time someone tried to parlay Oprah's goodness into ill-gotten gains. She was cited as endorsing a pyramid scheme a year or so ago. And in 2006 a very similar Oprah-based phishing attack was launched.
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