Toyota trounces Chrysler in test of consumer 'iQ'


At this week's New York International Auto Show, Chrysler will roll out the star of its 2011 fleet: a new, improved Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. Although the new vehicle seems almost startlingly ill-advised, it has been described by Chrysler spokesman Rick Deneau as "one of the primary legs of the Chrysler stool."

Deneau definitely has a way with words: stool seems like a perfect term for the ailing car maker's decision. The new SUV stands in stunning contrast to Toyota's (TM) latest model, the iQ, which will also be debuting at the car show. A subcompact that gets 54 miles per gallon, the iQ is loaded with safety features and is designed for urban drivers who need to manuever into extremely tight spaces. While Toyota, like every other car maker, is experiencing dropping sales, the iQ seems destined to find a place in a market that is focused on efficiency and economy.

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