SocialTickers from Tip'd 2.0 tracks companies on the social web


It's harder than ever to stay on top of what's being said about a particular company online; conversations which were once reserved for the talking heads on Bloomberg and MSNBC are now taking place in real time on Twitter and other social web services. Before today tracking all of these mentions was a time intensive endeavor involving numerous alerts and websites, but thanks to SocialTickers, launched as part of the new Tip'd 2.0, following a company's online buzz is but a click away.

Tip'd SocialTickers make it easy to track news and mentions of any company listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. The SocialTicker tool shines when it comes to tracking a company on the social web; culling information from Twitter, Technorati, Delicious, and of course Tip'd. On top of these references, the page displays 15 minute delayed stock information and links to further information from sites like the Motley Fool and AOL Finance as well as many others.

The SocialTicker works so well because it provides a great dashboard display of information and direct links to pretty much every other authority on the stock, giving users an easy way to get a feel for what's being said right now. For anyone actively tracking a company, the Tip'd SocialTicker is your new must use tool.

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