Save yourself from the latest 'Google' scam


Want to make $5,000 a month by working from home for approximately 10 hours a week?

Me too! And Scott Hunter, from Brooklyn, NY...err...Bluffton, OH...I mean Buenos Aires, Argentina, can show you how to realize your dream if you simply follow the directions on his blog.

Scott claims that his life changed as soon as he discovered the Google Cash Kit, which helped save him from astronomical debt and gave him the green light to quit his "boring" job as an account manager for a pipe manufacturing company. Heck, he even got married.

The Google Cash Kit he endorses is free, and for a teeny shipping fee of $1.97, we can put our feet up and wait for weekly $1,500 (and up) checks from Google Inc. to make their way into our mailboxes. And lest we think this is a scam (gasp)! Oh no! This works; it's different. Scott's argument? The numbers he's throwing at us are reasonable, compared with the $500,000 or $1,000,000 often promised in inheritance letters from Nigeria.

Does that still sound too good to be true? Perhaps, because it is. Not only is the company whose product you'd be purchasing in no way affiliated with Google, but Scott and his story are as real as the $5,000 check displayed on the site.

Let's dissect.