Reality show lets workers at struggling companies decide who to fire

Everyone in an office has an opinion on who the slackers are in their area and who should be fired or laid off if it comes to that. But they don't get to make those decisions; the bosses do.

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Soon, a new reality show will allow workers to choose which of their co-workers should be fired, giving workers of the world a chance to be the boss.

The show from the Dutch-based creator of the hit TV series "Big Brother" will allow staff at companies struggling in the global recession to choose which colleague should be fired or get a salary cut based on information about pay and past performance, according to a Reuters story.

Each episode of "Someone's Gotta Go" will also ask workers at struggling businesses to choose who should get a raise.

"It will be an interesting experiment to reverse the power roles," said a spokesman for Endemol, the production company from Amsterdam.

The format has been sold to Fox Television in the United States. Why is that not surprising?
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