Lock up your boss? The French don't have a problem with that

While we Americans love to grumble about our bosses, we rarely take action, other than to pen the odd country and Western song about how one of these days, we're gonna let those fools know what we really think about them.

But the French, as always, do it differently. A recent poll by the CSA institute for Le Parisien newspaper found that 45% of French people thought it was perfectly acceptable for workers facing layoffs to lock up their bosses.

On March 31, billionaire boss of PPR luxury and retail group, Francois-Henri Pinault (and baby daddy to movie star Salma Hayek) was trapped in a taxi in Paris by his own workers, who were furious about 1,200 layoffs. Riot police had to come and intervene. (he had recently spoken at a conference about the enduring appeal of luxury brands. Let them wear Gucci?)

Workers at various plants around the country have also held their bosses captive in factories overnight, to protest threatened factory closures.

Keep in mind that 50% of those polled did not approve of such behavior. But 45% thinking otherwise is cause for some alarm. "... It demonstrates the extent of exasperation among the public at this time of economic crisis," Le Parisien wrote.

I wonder what it would take to get American workers to behave like this. Would we ever? What's your thinking?