Bank accidentally withdraws $11 billion from man's account

The next time you think your bank has something to be desired, you can at least be thankful that it hasn't made an error leaving you a few billion dollars in debt.

According to some news fresh from The Cophenhagen Post, in Hillerod, Denmark, an electrician recently looked at his bank account and discovered there had been a rather significant withdrawal. The bank had accidentally taken out 63 billion kroner from this man's account, which according to the online currency calculator I used, is $11 billion dollars.
I think if a mistake like that had been made at my bank account, I'd probably go into cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the electrician, Dennis Pallesgaard, did what everyone should do. He called his bank to insist that they had made a mistake.

They apparently didn't argue the point.

It turns out that they had typed in an account number where they should have typed in the numbers for a withdrawal--3,200 kroner from
a mortgage deed registration on a property deal. But instead, the bank took out an extra 63,002,842,493.

They quickly replaced it, and I'm assuming that the bank didn't give the man anything for his shock, like a pillow or an all-inclusive vacation at a nearby resort. And maybe they shouldn't have. It was, after all, an honest mistake. But, of course, if it had been the electrician who had made a careless error, the bank management wouldn't be laughing and letting bygones be bygones. He would have been given enough overdraft fees that he'd be rotting in debtor's prison now.
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