Nip, tuck: Pre-negotiated discount surgeries for the uninsured


Recently, I wrote about the growing trend of medical tourism, in which patients, mostly the uninsured or under-insured, travel out of the country for discounted surgeries. For those who find such an alternative unappealing, North American Surgery Inc. offers an intriguing option: pre-negotiated, reduced-rate surgery in a U.S. hospital.

The company claims its customers pay "a small fraction of the standard prices charged by U.S. hospitals" for common surgeries, and that these discounted rates are competitive with overseas hospitals when all costs are considered. North American Surgery typically works with hospitals in more rural areas where price flexibility is easier to negotiate. At present, participating hospitals are found in New York, Michigan, Washington state, and Oklahoma. The company collects its fee from the hospital, with the hospital billing the patient at the special, reduced North American Surgery rate.