Monsanto not totally evil after all


Monsanto's name is said, in certain circles, with a sneer of hatred and disgust not even reserved any longer for "Satan." No. Monsanto (MON) is worse than Satan; after all, Satan never sued a farmer for growing crops he didn't even want to grow, that merely wafted onto his fields, spawn of Monsanto's genetically-protected progeny.

If I hadn't already suspected inflammation with regard to House Bill 875, just one of a number of food safety bills soon to be considered by Congress, the e.e. cummings quote would have yanked me back to my senses. In an interesting response to the brouhaha over the Bill -- one that has one grassroots organization screaming that it would criminalize organic farming -- Monsanto's latest salvo in the War Against Monsanto, Bradley Mitchell, director of public affairs, quoted the poet: "The Cambridge ladies live in furnished souls / Are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds," he said in a bit of a rant about how the users at OpEd News won't even let him comment. Poor guy. But the real news is this: perhaps Monsanto isn't the epitome of evil, after all.