Carpool Karma -- yet another driver distraction


Since guiding 3,000 pounds of steel and flammables down a freeway at 70 mph while dodging drivers of similar weapons is such an easy task, we have managed to come up with a multitude of things we can accomplish while dueling with traffic. Listening to music. Talking on the phone. Watching a DVD. Playing with the GPS. Eating lunch. Applying lipstick. Even breastfeeding a baby (yes, that really happened in Ohio recently.) If this isn't scary enough, a new book offers drivers mental and physical exercises that can be done while behind the wheel.

Carpool Karmaby Miriam L. Wallach from Newrobics, Inc. is written for moms who supposedly spend 405 hours per year in their cars. For those so enslaved by their work commutes, carpool obligations and shopping trips, the author offers exercises that can stimulate the brain and buff up the bod, "transforming the car from a constraint into a "brain and body gym.""

Perhaps I'm out of touch here, but I really believe that we need fewer, rather than more distractions when behind the wheel. We'd all be a lot safer on the road if we turned off the phone, stayed away from the drive-thru window, and kept two hands on the steering wheel. The last thing I need is a soccer mom doing stomach crunches while she tailgates me.