Drummer uses tiered pricing to sell album: From $7 to $75,000

Talk about tiered pricing: Drummer Josh Freese of Devo and A Perfect Circle is selling his new solo album for $7, but if you're willing to pay from $15 to $75,000, he'll throw in odd things such as a T-shirt, lunch with Freese at PF Changs or one of his drum sets.

The $50 package includes the CD/DVD disc set, digital download, T-shirt and five-minute phone call with Freese to discuss anything you like, such as if you think his new record sucks.

The Consumerist calls it the best tiered pricing structure for a new album.
For $500 you'll also get to go floating with him in a sensory deprivation tank in Venice, and go to dinner at Sizzler. Most of the packages are limited, such as the $250 one that sold out to 25 people who each get a signed drum head and drumsticks, and lunch at PF Changs or the Cheesecake Factory. The $20,000 package also sold out to one person, who will get two songs written about them.

The higher the price, the wackier the deal. The $2,500 package includes a drum lesson, and picking an available member of Devo or the Vandals to accompany you and Freese to the Hollywood Wax Museum, or go to a lunch buffet at a strip club.

My favorite is the $10,000 package and its foot massage, day at Disneyland and lunch at the private Club 33 at the park, and at the end of the day you get to drive away in his Volvo, but you first have to drop him off at home.

One rich person could buy the $75,000 package, which includes touring with him for a few days; having him write, record and market a five-song EP about you and your life story; Freese will join your band for a month and play shows and hang out with your band; or if you don't have a band he'll be your personal assistant for a month and then take a limousine to Tijuana where he'll "show you how it's done."

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