Bollywood video pays off for arms dealer

About two weeks ago I wrote about an Israeli arms firm trying to woo India into buying its missiles with a lame Bollywood-type video. Well, it turns out the selling technique worked, even if people in India didn't like it.

The Times of India recently reported that the music video that was unveiled at the Aero-India show in Bangalore in February to get the Indian defense establishment and the public on its side evoked incredulity and derision online and in India.

But a senior defense officer told the paper that India is buying missiles from the contractor Rafael.

"We are buying a whole host of missiles, ranging from SpyDer air defense systems to Python air-to-air ones, and other equipment from Rafael," the officer said. "Their products are good. But this advertisement is quite a C-grade Hindi movie song."

The video featured a man, presumably Rafael, dancing with a woman, representing India, and singing to her about how they've been trusting friends and partners for so long. "What more can I pledge to make our future strong?"

She sings back: "I need to feel safe and and protection, commitment and perfection, defense and dedication," as she and other women dance around missiles.

Tacky, but successful.