How's the song go? Oh yes, 'you really can get a free annual credit report'


Despite the fact that isn't free, its singing salesman has been pitching the asterisk laden service in commercial after commercial since 2007.

Whether he's blaming his car, girlfriend or job on his bad credit, his catchy lip syncing is enough to drive many a concerned consumer to, where they can get a "free" credit report and a $15 a month fee for Triple Advantage.

Up until now the real source for your free credit report has taken the beating without putting up a fight. But that has just changed. The FTC is finally standing up with new commercials promoting and parodying's crooner in the process.

While not as catchy as the originals and certainly not as blunt as the spoof we shared with you, the commercials do feature their own band. These commercials aren't the only effort by the FTC to set the record straight regarding your free annual credit report. The FTC is also taking an active role in helping consumers who have paid for what they believe is their free annual credit report file a complaint and asking consumers to forward spam solicitations for credit reports to the commission at


Don't forget that is the only authorized source for your free annual credit reports from all three agencies.