Free dress shirts offered for job interviews


An online company that lets men design their own dress shirts is doing its part to fight unemployment by giving away a dress shirt to be worn at a job interview each week through the end of May. started the giveaway March 30 and will randomly pick a winner each week among people who sign up for its mailing list.

The site makes it easy to design a shirt, although in my limited fashion knowledge, I doubt if I could design an appropriate shirt for a day at the beach, let alone a job interview. You can pick the fabric, pattern and the shirt will be tailored to fit after you give the site a few measurements.

While some customers have designed crazy looking shirts, a dress shirt for a job interview should be tame, said ShirtMyWay co-founder Peter Crawfurd, 25, of Denmark.

"If they want the standard job interview shirt, they should go with the same fabric," Crawfurd told me during a phone call from his office in Hong Kong, China, where the shirts are made.