Swearing in Wal-Mart, let's outlaw it

A customer at Wal-Mart, Kathryn Fridge, 29, was arrested after uttering the "F word" in front of her 2 year old daughter when she couldn't find what she was looking for. Assistant Fire Marshal Alfred A. Decker IV overhead the comment, took the woman to his car, handcuffed her and wrote a citation. That was last August. Last week, the city prosecutor got around to dropping the charge.

Now a lot of folks may think this was frivolous and a violation of the First Amendment, but I'm thinking it's about time. I'm sick of hearing people publicly vent whatever emotion they may be feeling in range of children, gentlemen and ladies and me. Why do I have to listen to it? I can be having a perfectly nice day and then I hear someone ranting and raving at a sales clerk, or even worse their children. Just because they have not developed adult emotions and professional restraint, why must I suffer?

I'm one of those people who not only take umbrage, I take action. If someone talks vulgar in front of me, I often say, "Excuse me?" Or if children are present, I tell them to watch their language. Yes, I get looks and sometimes the offender even gets nasty. But more often than not, they apologize and cool it.

I think the world needs more manners, not less. More consideration of other people, not puking emotions when you feel like it. While swearing at Wal-Mart is not against the law, maybe it should be.

I remember a Sci-Fi story where an armed assassin shot anyone who wasn't polite. It only took a few shootings and everyone in the community was unbelievably nice to everyone else. An interesting concept.

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