Never heard of Reservation Rewards? Check your credit card


Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal told WalletPop his office has launched an investigation into controversial -- a company you might not have heard of, but might find charges for on your credit card statements.


The company operates Reservation Rewards and other programs that thousands of people have complained lands unwanted charges on their credit cards after they've used sites including and Somewhere in a series of windows following your order to buy tickets, users end up clicking a box that gets them subscribed to Reservation Rewards and signed up with a negative option -- meaning that you will keep being charged until you cancel. Your credit card information was retained from the previous transaction.

The problem is, many of those complaining don't realize for some time, or at all, that they've signed up because the charges -- usually just a bit more than $10 -- don't jump out on their credit card bills.

Webloyalty disputes the charges and says that its policies are clear and legal.

" provides its two million members with valuable, easy to use reward, discount and protection services. We make every effort to be straightforward with our offers, allowing consumers to make educated choices regarding the products and services they purchase. We would like all of our members to derive value from our services and remain members for a long time. However, if someone wants to cancel, we make it easy for them to do so by contacting our Customer Service Centers," said Rick Fernandes, CEO, Webloyalty.