Giorgio Armani thriving by making what people want


Giorgio Armani has upgraded his yacht. His new vessel is 213 feet long (a 27 percent upgrade) and, while his old yacht is having a little trouble selling, he doesn't seem too upset. His company, Giorgio Armani S.p.A., just opened a brand-new 43,000-square foot flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. And his latest line of clothing evokes the go-go eighties, complete with shoulder pads and pinstripes.

Want more? Armani's latest spokesmodel is none other than the Queen of Conspicuous Consumption herself, Victoria Beckham (who has probably spent more on her three sons' birthday parties than the entire sum of Rick Wagoner's pension). I know. You're asking, what gives? How does this guy keep getting rich-and-more-rich even though, by all appearances, people selling luxury to the masses should totally be running for the exits right now? Hunkering down, at least. Wearing jeans.