Twitter for mommies: Marketers love us, but who's got the time?


First, let me admit that I don't entirely see the point in Twitter for anyone. "Micro-blogging" might be the hyped tech du jour, but I don't see how it adds anything to the mix other than additional distractions.

Now comes Mommy twittering. The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog wrote about the latest mommy twitter attempt, from Today's Mama, a mom-centric blog based in Utah. Dubbed "Connect," it aims to connect moms via those infamous 140-character-updates. It's not a new idea, TwitterMoms, another social media group specifically for moms, has been generating buzz for some time now.

Forgive me for sounding like a three-year-old, but...why? So moms can connect? That's what parks and cafes are there for. Yes, moms have a lot to commiserate about. They're also busier than your average CEO and operating on half as much sleep. Plus there are usually no assistants. I don't know how anyone has time to tweet, much less anyone wrangling babies or small children.