The git-er-done Redneck Bank


What do you get when you do a mashup of Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and the American Banking System? Wait for the punch line..........The Redneck Bank. This online bank is a part of the Bank of the Wichitas, but is designed to appeal to those who find illiteracy amusing. How else to account for its slogan, "Personal bankin' bid'ness," and the outhouse on the home page?

Certainly, for those rednecks who never miss an episode of Blue Collar Comedy, the debit card, featuring a braying mule, is a must-have. While the bank does not yet offer a credit card, I can just imagine the options for redeeming the rewards points. The complete collection of Boxcar Willy CDs. A case of Valvoline. American flag stickers. TruckNutz, A gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops. An all-expenses-paid trip to the Budweiser brewery in St. Louis. Anchor cables for the trailer. 500 pounds of hound chow.

If the Redneck Bank gits 'er done, expect a host of other banks to rebrand themselves to appeal to specific market segments. The First Wicca Bank. Deadhead Savings and Loan. Le Banque de Francophiles. The Anarchist's Down with the Banks Bank. That'll do ya.

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