Michigan woman gets bit in the butt...twice, but only once by a dog

German shepherd dog
German shepherd dog

Let this be a warning: A poorly thought out lawsuit can cost you money. Such was the cold slap of reality when Inez M. Starks, of Warren Michigan, filed a lawsuit alleging injuries sustained when bitten by a police dog. The judge in the case was not pleased that Ms. Starks named the German shepherd dog as a defendant in the matter. Subsequently, the judge himself put the bite on the claimant, to the tune of $1,000. Half of the fine was for naming the dog as defendant. The other half was for failing to appear in court for a hearing on the matter.

According to a report provided by ClickOnDetroit.com, Inez Starks took it upon herself to get involved in an altercation between her daughter and the police. In a scene which was most probably similar to an airing of the Jerry Springer show, a fight broke out and Ms. Starks was then allegedly bitten. The funniest part is, the dog had been brought on site because it had been discovered that the son of the claimant had an outstanding warrant against him and he attempted to flee the scene.

So let us allow this to be a lesson on many levels. First, we should remember that criminal court judges are not to be trifled with. Secondly, if we do utilize the courts, we should be sure that our attorneys are aware of the elements of applicable law. Third, it's probably best to stay out of police matters when they don't directly affect us. And finally, getting between a police dog and his intended target can really bite you in the butt.

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