What will next year's home trends look like?

Tom Mirabile, vice president of global trend and design for Lifetime Brands, made five predictions for home trends in 2010 at the International Home and Housewares Show.

Marketwatch reports that Mirabile expects kitchens to function as second living rooms, and also emphasize environmental consciousness and healthy living.

As the economy continues to challenge family budgets, home trends will reflect a commitment to "living within our means" -- which could mean more interest in home cooking spurred by the increasing popularity of the Food Network.Ironically, cheap credit fueled excessive home remodeling and a record number of homes with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. In retrospect, many home owners are regretting those splurges that were pitched as investments by networks like HGTV. But there is a silver lining: We're spending more time at home and eating out less, so it's nice to have a good, functional kitchen.

There's also a new trend toward making your home look like your grandmother's -- which could make shabby chic flea market style more popular -- a good thing because it also happens to be quite affordable.

Bottom line: For 2010, frugality and fun at home will be the trend, standing in sharp contrast to one of the greatest lies of the boom years: In order to make your home enjoyable, you were told that you needed an adjustable-rate HELOC. Turns out, all you need is an extra freezer to stock up on discount store specials and a book of grandma's recipes.
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