Lack of funds means fewer standardized tests in schools


If you heard a loud shout of elation earlier this week, it may have been the students in the Marietta City School system who just found out they would have to take one less standardized test next year. The school district is facing funding issues, and like many other schools in our nation, it may cut some standardized tests in order to save money. In this case, the district could save about $42,000 a year.

Don't worry. The children of Georgia will still get their standardized test practice so that they are ready for the mother of all scan-tron tests, the ACT. The school system will just be cutting back to the grade levels which receive state funding to take the test. Under the new plan the schools will test children in the second, fourth and seventh grade, which is fine with Debra Pickett, the assistant superintendent who spoke for the school system saying, "We feel like we over-test."