Anti-foreclosure fraud commercials at the movie theater


Marketwatch (via the Wall St. Journal) reports that the Federal Reserve will be launching an ad campaign in movie theaters to warn consumers about the dangers of scams that take advantage of home owners facing foreclosure.

According to MarketWatch, "Intended to extend the reach of consumer warnings on the Fed's Web site, the ads will run in 14 cities with high-foreclosure housing markets and an outbreak of scam artists charging for guidance that is free from nonprofits working with the government."

The ads have phrases like "Are you facing foreclosure?" and "It shouldn't hurt to get help!, directing viewers to the Federal Reserve website for more information.

I hate to sound like a miser but with the average movie theater currently costing around $7.18 in addition to an average popcorn charge of $754 billion, why would people on the brink of losing their homes be chilling out at the movie theater?

I know: Maybe they need to escape from their worldly concerns -- but if that's the case, why spoil the moment with public service announcements about foreclosure?

The intelligence of movie theater ads for distressed home owners aside, the key point is a good one: There are plenty of non-profits there to help people with mortgage problems, and you should never send someone ad advance fee in exchange for the promise of help.