Good samaritan offers free haircuts for the unemployed


When you're laid off, your personal appearance takes on new importance.

It's always good to look good but when you're interviewing for jobs in a competitive market, your hairdo can be the difference between an offer and unemployment. NBC reports on one New England hair stylist who is offering free haircuts to the unemployed -- even though she normally charges $70 per head.

And get this: She even gives the tips to a local food bank. Stories like this really do renew my faith in human decency that is challenged by every headline about the AIG pigs crying about their bonuses.

I wonder if Joyce's idea for free haircuts will catch on. I could definitely see one of the national chains offering a promotion. Imagine the tremendous amount of publicity that ProCuts or SuperCuts could gain by offering free (or just discounted) cuts to laid off workers.

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